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Follow our progress on the trip through SPOT.

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  1. Paul Cragg says:

    Hey Hugo
    what a wonderful adventure. Thanks for telling me about it when we talked in April. I look forward to following your progress across Canada.
    I spent many joyful hours in a canoe as a youth and still enjoy it greatly.

    In 1967, Canada’s Centennial year, a friend of mine from Peterborough was part of an epic canoe trip from the prairies (not sure where) back east to Montreal. I was able to contact the group on my ham radio. Yours is clearly a well traveled route, both in remote as well as recent times.

    Congratulations on a wonderful undertaking. I hope you enjoy every minute of it (although I’m sure you will have your challenges!).


  2. Anne Balleydier says:

    Ami Pascal –
    petite recette d’amitié

    un soupçon d’iode de la baie d’Authie
    parfumé d’une larme de phoque
    parsemé d’une cuillère de sable fin
    chauffé au soleil

    déguste ton gâteau d’anniversaire

  3. Anne Balleydier says:

    Quel voyage !
    Profite l’ami !
    Il faudra me faire goûter les pommes de terre du petit déjeuner.
    A bientôt
    Plein de Bises

  4. On behalf of “Tourism Kenora” and the City, I would like to welcome you all to Ontario, and more specifically, the Kenora region!
    It was nice to have you in the Harboufront Pavilion and we hope that you found who you were searching for.
    You have arrived at a great time! The weather, which has been rainy, has cleared and the sun is finally out! I look forward to tracking the remainder of your trip and hearing about your time in North Western Ontraio! This is an amazing trip you have embarked on!
    Kenora is full of canoe and kayak enthusiasts, who, I am sure when we get your story out there, will be more than excited to follow your progress!
    All the best!

    Carollyn (Summer Student; Tourism Kenora)

  5. Hope you guys are having the time of your lives out there! Thinking of you and all the adventures you must be having — Im enjoying the updates!


  6. Suzanne keller says:

    Hi my Adam, it is nice to follow your trip, I hope you having a good time.We love you .

  7. kevin leger says:

    Hi guys, sorry you couldnt enjoy the sites of Pukaskwa. Im sure your stay in Wawa is going to be very scenic and I hope the lake calms down for you. Remember big lures equals big fish…… and thanks again for the Viking pizza.


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