The journey

And last week a party was held raising $1000 for CPAWS and cash donations almost equivalent for the expedition. 

Mountains to the prairies

Mountains to the Prairies
End of the River Highways, First Taste of the Big Lakes

End of the River Highways, First Taste of the Big Lakes

From bottom of Lake Winnipeg to Big lakes

From the Bottom of Lake Winnipeg to the Soo

Final leg, on to Montreal

The Final Leg, On to Montreal


Interactive maps will soon be on the site

Des cartes interactives seront bientôt proposées

A chaque jour sa peine …
To each day it’s tasks …

Thank you for your understanding

6 Responses to Maps

  1. Logan Hunter says:

    Hey guys! I’m the guy you ran into on May 14th near Elk Point, Alberta. I was doing a 3 day paddle and thought I was tough until you guys rolled by on your 130 day trip. Good luck

  2. Margaret Moore says:

    Pascal and fellow travellers – Greetings from Portland Oregon. Just want to check in and see if everything is all right with you. You haven’t posted anything new on your website for more than a week. How are things going?

    • pascal says:

      Good to hear you’re following, the trip is fine, people a bit young … but that’s what I signed up for!

  3. Ken Pachkowsky says:

    I hope all of you enjoyed my parents hospitality while in Pine Falls. I am truly blessed to have them as parents. From reading your reports I see showers are greatly appreciated. I have only read a couple of your reports but am looking forward to reading the rest. Your adventure makes me think of what Robin Williams said in the movie”Dead Poets Society” Carpe, …Carpe…..Carpe Dium” What a fantastic memory for all of you to re-visit as the years go by. Be well and travel safe…

  4. dorian bacon says:

    You made the front page news in the local news paper ” the Echo “, in Pine Falls.
    ” Bravo!”

  5. Margaret Blume says:

    Salut Pascal! Greetings from Monterey…
    Very sorry to have missed your call. Yes, we are following your adventures! What an amazing trip so far…So great to hear about the connections/generosity of strangers.
    Continued good health and calm waters to you and your fellow travellers!

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