All members of the trip have extensive canoeing and wilderness experience. These skills will only be honed as the trip commences. For previous trips, members have taken their first aid training, and for this trip they will get their wilderness first aid.

Amongst the members of the trip are noted film makers, musicians and …

Hugo Kitching is a wilderness videographer. His most recent production that he directed is “A love of Birds”. Other members of Lycaon will also be assisting with the filming of the adventure.

Peter Gorman is a skilled composer and a recognized musician.

Adam Popper plays the guitar and writes songs.

Katie is a dietician able to cure using natural plants many common human discomforts as well as help individuals or groups in their dietary well being.

Dana is a geologist able to talk extensively about the underlying foundations of the Canadian back country. His organization skills and ability to lead have already been assets to the preparation of this journey.

Pascal Landa is a graduate of the California University system (USC, SFS, UCLA, UCB, UofR) in Communication Arts and Computer Science. He realized short films and the PBS series “Soul to Soul” featuring Soul Cooking and Soul Music. His specialty was Theater productions on TV: Marat Sade, Tempest, A most Happy Fellow.

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