Adam Popper

Adam Popper aura 29 ans lors de ce voyage. Originaire de Toronto,  il a vécu ou a voyagé dans plus de 20 pays et se considère un citoyen de cette planète mal en point. Actuellement il fait sa Maitrise en  Urbanisme à l’université de McGill à Montréal. Il considère l’urbanisme comme un pilier de l’étude de l’environnement.

Au quotidien Adam lis, écrit, se déplace en vélo et joue ou écoute de la musique. Il aime la nature sauvage, explorer des régions inconnues, les aventures partagées et bien évidemment le canoë. Il a commencé le canoë à 9 ans et espère bien continuer au delà de ses 90 ans. Ses contributions tant en valeurs qu’en expérience pour cette expédition sont basées sur son respect du Canada, de ses régions encore sauvages, sa maitrise de la cuisine de brousse, son sens du travail d’équipe, de la communication … Il sait monter un abris avec une bâche, camper “sans laisser de traces”, faire une pause pour cueillir des baies sauvages, partager sa joie de vivre ainsi que son éthique dans le travail, et inspirer ceux qui aiment la musique en partageant sa passion.

Adam Popper will turn 29 on the trip. He is originally from Toronto, but has lived or travelled in more than 20 countries and considers himself a citizen of an ailing planet. He is currently a Masters graduate in Urban Planning at McGill University in Montreal. He believes urbanism to be a pillar of environmentalism. He can usually be found reading, writing, bicycling, or playing and listening to music.

Adam loves the wild, exploring, adventure, and canoes. He has been canoe-tripping since age 9, and hopes to continue going on canoe trips into his 90s.

He will bring several values and experiences on this trip, including: a reverence for Canada, wilderness first aid, years of outdoor culinary excellence, exceptional teamwork and communication skills, setting up tarps as rain shelters and wind breaks, a “leave no trace” mentality, a serious work ethic, hilarity and fun, taking breaks for wild-berry eating, and a passion for sharing music and song.


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  1. Michael McKinnon says:

    Adam, I urge you to reconsider the statement that you are “a citizen of an ailing planet”.

    The planet is not ailing. Human habitat is threatened, but the planet is, and will be, fine.

    The planet is three billion years old. We could burn off all the fossil fuel, blow up all our nuclear weapons, expand our numbers to the breaking point, spread toxic waste far and wide – in short, do everything we possibly could to ‘destroy’ the planet – and in a few million years, a blink of an eye in the planet’s lifetime, there would be so sign of our destruction whatsoever. (Or of us for that matter.) The earth will live on, and life on it will continue.

    It just may not be human life…

    This idea that somehow we have to ‘protect the earth’ is just wrong. We can no more ‘protect’ it than we can ‘destroy’ it.

    What we have to do is stop shitting in our own nest. And until we admit that to ourselves, we will continue to spin our wheels, and make this habitat evermore unfit for humans.

    Enjoy your paddle!

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