M2M Team

As it stands now, we are anticipating a crew of 4 at starting point on one 22 ft canoe, 6 to 8 with a second “official” 15 ft canoe after a month and this all the way to Montreal. The core participants include a diversity of Canadians, as well as two members from France and over all 10 persons will actually do all (the 4 starters) or parts of the trip in shifts.

4 d’entre nous seront au départ avec 1 canoé de 7m. A “la Pas” lieu clé dans les récits de voyageurs, un autre canoé et 2 autres membres de l’équipe nous rejoignent et se remplacent ou restent jusqu’à Montreal. 10 personnes en tout participeront plus ceux qui nous rejoignent au long de la route de façon autonome.

Several persons have said they would join for a week or two and bring their own gear and canoe. They will join the journey but remain autonomous. We will encourage people we encounter to join the armada and share the joys and pains of the Voyagers.

Group members’ biographies can be accessed by clicking on the photos below:

Voulez vous nous connaitre? ICI


3 Responses to M2M Team

  1. Cheryle Bruyere says:

    Hello just wanted to what your doing is so cool & interesting me & my family met one of you guys today in Sagkeeng Mb we were going fishing Good luck guy’s!

    • pascal says:

      How nice of you to join the trip … by internet. We wish you and your family well, please tell your Mom we appreciated the next day after a LLLLOOONNNGGG paddle her anticipation even if your Dad was initially right. Meanwhile, we really appreciated the turkey eggs, we’re hooked, like the fish you caught … but we’re still paddling, not like your fish which I guess are now eaten.
      Do come and visit us periodically on the site, and thank your family. Our best to you for a good life.

  2. Bill Conner says:

    Great to cross paths with you in the Falls Chain! Hope you found some oil and cold beer. My best wishes for a safe journey. I saw the rollers on Superior driving home Saturday and thought of you.

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