Four years ago, a number of the team members embarked on a 40 plus day canoe trip north of Superior via the Michipicoten River, over the height of land and down the Oba River. This adventure was called Experience Fall as the trip started in mid September and ran into late October. The whole trip was photo documented and the highlights of the trip can be seen on the site.


Before the journey we will be reading on the natural and human history of the journey. Some of the books that we have looked at include:

Grady, W., Ed. (2007). The Great Lakes: The Natural History of a Changing Region.

Mackenzie, Alexander. (1789). Exploration du Grand Nord Canadien.

Huck, et al, (2002). Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America,

Sigurd F. Olson (1961). The Lonely Land (University of Minnesota Press)


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  1. Russ and Alice says:

    We saw you on the Winnepeg River on Thursday afternoon. You were a few kilometers N of Kenora. I have a great photo of you to share. Where or how do I send it?

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