´╗┐Mountains 2 Montreal – Starts April … weather permitting!

The Mountains2Montreal expedition is set to launch the 25th of April … but we may be ice bound t’ill May of 2011. We will cover 4,500 km in an expected 150 days with 80km of portages (carrying canoe & equipment, each of us making 2 carries thus 3x80km ). The trip will begin at the North Saskatchewan River Crossing south of Jasper, Alberta and weave its way through the heartland of Canada, ending in Montreal end of September … weather allowing. It will travel the historic river and lake route from west to east, tracing the steps of the Voyagers and many past adventurers.

Mountains 2 Montreal: The Adventure Begins from Lycaon Productions on Vimeo.

This trip will not be easy to accomplish, so we are looking for support along the way, while at the same time giving support to a valued cause; the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). We are also looking to partner with any people or organizations wishing to share in this adventure by contributing to the journey with gifts in kind.


M2M Memorial PostCards

Throughout the journey, a skilled and talented team will be helping us to document the journey. Several members of Lycaon Productions will be shooting film before, during and after the trip to make a lasting legacy of the adventure.

With this website, we hope to paint a picture of our journey to come. For further information, please contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

As this journey involves both Canadian and French members we have wanted it to be in both languages, not a mirror, but a French way of reading about the journey. Most pages include both languages, we invite you to read in french, often it has enriched contents.

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  1. Lory Mitton says:

    Hi guys! Thanks for the interview on Thursday, I think what you’re doing is really neat. Here’s a link to the article that will appear in the Lac du Bonnet Leader:
    Safe travels!

  2. Steve Young says:

    Check out this web site – they passed through Lac du Bonnet back in 2002


    Good luck and paddle safe

  3. Martin Trahan says:

    Wow, what a wonderful journey!!!

    Love to Live
    Live to Love

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