Arrival in Montreal – Be there 11th sept at 11am

To our readers, family, friends and followers

We are making final arrangements for our arrival so here is the present information I can share with you in order that you can plan to participate if you decide to come to Montreal.

September 9th we will begin to Spot Track first every quarter day, then the 10th by the hour. This should allow those who have arranged to meet us on the 10th to know at what time we will arrive.

On the 10th

We will paddle all the way to the LACHINE Canoe club where we would like to arrive around 6PM. Frank has agreed to welcome us and open the facility. We cannot guarantee our arrival time so please look at internet and see our Spot Tracking which will give you precise information on where we are by the hour.

We will try to distribute our gear to the family who come to meet us with a car at LACHINE, there will be most likely a sort of informal diner amongst family and friends but we must be in bed early to insure we get up and are paddling the next morning around 9am (locks open at 9am). Please do not come to Lachine if you are not family or very close friends and have arranged prior to meet with us personally, this is not the time when we can spend much time with you.

On the 11th

We will be canoeing (around 9am) the CANAL LACHINE and portaging around the locks (unless they are open and willing to let us pass) to arrive at 11 AM at the Montreal OLD PORT where the Salon Du Bateau Sur l’Eau, organized by the Association Maritime du Québec, is situated. If you wish to be there along the route your are welcome but we will be making sure we arrive ON TIME (possibly good pictures along the canal).

The access to the Salon is free, you are ALL welcome to come and bring friends to this boat show that graciously welcomes us (see the web site ).

our contact is

Anne-Marie Roy
Adjointe à la direction, Chargée des programmes
Association Maritime du Québec
200 – 621 Stravinski, Brossard Qc J4X 1Y7
Tél. : 450-466-1777
Sans frais : 1-877-560-1777
Téléc.  : 450-466-6056


Mike Ranta, the Guiness book of records holder for solo canoeing, with his dog Spitz, with whom we have become close friends due to doing just about the same trip and meeting along the way, could be arriving at the same time. This is yet to be confirmed but he will try to make it. (see his web site

Cross Canada Canoe Odyssey, 4 women and 2 men in 3 canoes who left Brittish Columbia in mid April and are going to Fundy Bay, could possibly join us as well (see their web site We met them yesterday and once again shared our joys of paddling the same route.

The city of Montreal is helping us organize the arrival and we hope to have them join us at the arrival.

The French Embassy is working with us to send a representative and has expressed to me their sincere encouragements for the goals of our journey, our documentation of it and our wish to motivate young people to engage in such trips retracing the common history of Canada and France. I have suggested that champagne is called for … but that may be too much to ask.

Of course the media is being invited and if you know local media contacts please become our ambassadors, this happy ending is worth sharing with all.

Once we arrive (I suspect we will give a small talk) we will share our joy and stories with all those who come. Bring pot luck food if you plan to be hungry and in the spirit of the trip we’ll share whatever there is. The weather permitting we can all bask in late summer weather and enjoy the human warmth that great adventures bring to all.

The boat show will fold up in the afternoon around 4 pm so all can make individual plans for end of day. The journey will thus come to an end but will continue through our planned book, our films and we hope to have the opportunity to post a few more blogs as we live the last phase of any journey, the closing.


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One Response to Arrival in Montreal – Be there 11th sept at 11am

  1. Louise Lewis says:

    Congratulations on the safe completion of your journey. We paddled with you breifly at Ottawa before the rapids. Thank you. So great to read your blogs and get daily weather reports. Again congratulations and all the best for your future adventures.
    All the best
    Dave, Louise and Bev Lewis
    (Abby Lewis’ family of Cross Canada Canoe Odyssey)

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