m2m – Report 55 – July 10

m2m Report 55

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  1. M2M!!!!!
    We can’t believe it- a few days prior to July 8th, we called Alex, now in Ottawa, for your coordinates, hoping we could arrange to run into you! Alas, the night of July 7th we received news that you were camped about 20km from us, somewhere on Rainy Lake (we had just finished the Soldier Portage). We awoke very early the next morning, determined to make it Fort Frances (66km away- our longest day of the trip thus far) for some fresh food which we had all been desperately craving. We guessed we’d run into you guys either on the Kettle Channel or shortly after on Rainy Lake. Alas, it was foggy! For the first time since Superior, we couldn’t see in front of us! We kept to the American shoreline, hoping you would do the same, but as you know, too sadly, we must have missed each other only by kilometers! or less! We shouted “M2M” every once in awhile on the morning of the 8th, paddling on the lake through the fog….but to no avail. We are so sorry we missed you- but we are consoled by the possibility of sharing a beer with you all in Montreal upon our return. We saw the newspaper in Fort Frances- great photo of you guys- on the front page I do believe! Thanks for the mention about our project too! Hope the journey is going well, that everyone is injury free and healthy, and that the thunderstorms keep to a minimum:) Take care and good rest of journey from all of Trans CanEAUda—if ever you guys need advice or hosts on your upcoming sections of journey, email us! We can try and help:) Happy paddling!

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