J-5 the days are counted

L’équipe est Réunie!

Après 84hrs de voyage le U-Hall est arrivé avec 3 pagayeurs bien fatigués mais heureux d’avoir rejoint Pascal et enfin de pouvoir admirer le canoé. I’ts BIG was the general comment as they saw the white elephant deposited by Michael & family in the driveway!

This coincided with Easter Sunday, so the chocolates were distributed after the hearty Dana style with Mike spices.

Packing has started to identify the numbers of bags, the need for access to items while on the water and how to distribute loads on the boat.

M2M party April 16th was a success!

Over 50 persons attended and helped us raise over $1500 for CPAWS … a great gift to all of the Canadians and humanity to help preserve the wilderness. We are still hoping that those who follow the journey, in seeing the pictures of the wilderness, the grandiose beauty … and the need to preserve it will donate on-line … it’s your move now!

Maps, food, drinks and lots of laughing resonated all evening with the whole team present (Pascal via skype) to share the warmth of this happy send off event. Hugo took pictures and filmed the evening to begin the production of our 3 film productions. The documentary, the people film and the film of the film… keep tuned you’ll see briefs and laugh with us!


M2M Send Off Party last Saturday

The kick off party regrouped people from all walks of life and many during the evening spoke of plans to try to join us by canoe and through participations in events along the way. Will YOU???

Dana reports that the packing of the morning grub filled a bathtub (to mix it) and that the 10 drop off boxes are now packed and labelled waiting for the loaned U-Hall truck to distribute them across the country.

Whole sale food for the paddlers

A Spot tracker has been purchased so we can post on this site the GPS points of where we are and you can follow us each day as we progress. Luke, our volunteer website designer, has responded for our requests of this new site to help us communicate with you. He & Dana will put the required maps and media connections, please let us know how you feel about this evolution, what can be improved and what you’d like to see and read. Up to you to guide us.

Pascal met with Tami friday representing Cascade Designs, briefed her and a colleague on the progress of the M2M expedition and received Thermarest mats, a Platypus GravityWorks water filter system (great!) and 3 different color Boundary waterproof packs. It was really a treat to meet really supportive people and run into the young staff who seemed ready to join our journey (some were doing pull ups on door frames during their break!)



See our new Platypus GravityWorks Filter System-Dirty Water and we look forward to our Thermarest sleep! … a little less at our portages, yet so much easier with the SeaLine bags.

Our canoe is “on the trailer”, we picked it up on Tuesday and insured it was ready to go. White as a swan we are thinking of ways of personalizing it, any suggestions?


White as a swan ... any ideas?

As we picked it up we met with the Cross Canada Canoe Odyssey adventurers (see their site) and mentioned we would love to see them on the way since they will be traveling much of the same route … once they portage through Brittish Columbia. Their eager smiles and warm welcome made us that much more eager to start our own journey.

Well the 19th of April is departure day for the Toronto Team and Pascal will join the Revelstoke regrouping site in British Columbia on Friday with Michel Lopez and his family who are helping bring equipment and the Mariner to the Saskatchewan River Crossing. The Revelstoke snow report indicates:

  • Base depth at Revelstoke is 3 meters of snow
  • Snow TYD is over 11 meters … and snowing!

This is both GOOD news for the trip, we’ll benefit from snow melt down river but also might make it difficult to start the trip on time as it seems that below average temperatures will prevail until the 25th of April and ice could be an issue for a few more days.

Ice bound canoe route

We still have to buy the medicinal whisky … a little help from you would be nice!




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  1. Bruce Fountain says:


    Saw the new website (looks great) and the announcement of your arrival in BC.

    Family gathering in Grimby yesterday where Dee told of the Sault arrival and her over-planning which turned to be to your advantage.


    Did you contact Sherry Drysdale at CBC? If not I can give her a heads up and contact?
    Idea from the Jon on the weekend that we contact Old Fort William and let them know of the the trip and see if they would like to be involved when you are going by – nice historical linkage?
    What is the water situation near the start and do you have and ETD in case these people want to speak with you in advance of getting on the water?

    All the best,


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